A spring refresh – Interior updates

What better way to update your home than to give it a seasonal spring refresh? From a full furniture fixup to stylish soft furnishings, we have compiled a list of ways that you can revamp your home this season.

Fabulous Furniture

Switching out your furniture or adding new trendy pieces is one of the easiest ways to elevate your existing space. If you have been considering splurging out on a new sofa or simply adding a coffee table, now is the time to do it. Whether you are looking for bright bold colours, pretty patterns or subtle natural hues, choosing the perfect piece of furniture can make a big difference.

In need of some help and inspiration? Visit the team at Next who can help you with colour and fabric choices to help make your house your home.

Luxe Lighting

When decorating your home, people often focus on furniture and furnishings. However, lighting plays an important role in updating your interior space. Introducing new lamps and light fixtures is a fantastic way to take your home from winter to spring.

Small changes to lighting have a big impact. If you are happy with your current lighting choices you can make simple changes to update the space such as switching up lampshades, replacing bulbs and adding lamps.

Fenwick’s designer lighting includes statement lamps and exquisite lampshades in an assortment of textures, colours and embellishments. Visit them in-store and step into the light with their creative collection. The updates don’t need to stop with the main living areas, so why not add a playful lamp to your children’s bedrooms with one of their quirky designs featuring dinosaurs, monkeys and mice!

Alluring Artwork

Whether it is adding a finishing touch, introducing new colours and shapes or filling an empty space, introducing art is a fantastic way to add character to your home and evoke emotion.

From contemporary prints to quirky wall hangings, bring your walls to life with Fenwick. Visit their in-store gallery and browse their selection to find the perfect focal point to your room. Go one step further and combine light and artwork with one of their neon pieces or purchase the individual neon letters to spell out your own word art.

Fancy Furnishings

Decorative accessories and home furnishings are a fantastic way to introduce texture, colour and warmth.

Plants are the epitome of spring and can be used to bring the outside indoors, providing an organic and earthy feel to your home. Not only do they purify the air, they are a great way to add colour and nature to your space. Popular indoor plants include succulents, rubber trees and cheese plants, but if you are concerned about the upkeep, there are a range of artificial alternatives available on the high-street.

Decorative items such as vases and ornaments make fantastic centrepieces and can be used to add a personal touch of charm to a home. Whether it’s bold florals, luxe textures or metallic finishes, these items can be used to enhance your theme and support your colour scheme.

Whatever your vision, visit Whitefriars to discover a range of designs to elevate your interior.