Summer art and photo competitions

We are pleased to announce the winners of our recent photographic and art competitions, part of our 2019 ‘Hello Summer’ activities. Thank you to all those who took part.

Canterbury was the theme for this year’s photographic competition, held in association with Jessops. The winning entry of the River Stour at Westgate Gardens came from Trinidad Quito Bravo from Canterbury. He wins £250 to spend in the Marlowe Arcade store, as well as a canvas print of his picture and a place on a Jessops photography course. Nine runners-up will receive a canvas print of their picture: Adam Heasman from Sittingbourne, Anna Levermore from Canterbury, Dan Stannard from Canterbury, Jonathan Griffiths from Canterbury, Matthew Boucher from Sandwich, Naomi Williams from Ash, Phil Grosvener from Canterbury, Stewart McKeown from Canterbury and Tomas Spacil from Canterbury

All the winning designs are on display in the Jessops store in the Marlowe Arcade.

Winner – Trinidad Quito Bravo
Tomas Spacil
Stewart McKeown
Phil Grosvener
Naomi Williams
Matthew Boucher
Jonathan Griffiths
Dan Stannard
Anna Levermore
Adam Heasman

The art competition, held in association with art supplies retailer Cowling & Wilcox, attracted a record number of entries this year. Entrants were asked to produce a picture in any medium with a floral theme. Winners received vouchers of up to £100 to spend in the store, with goody bags of art materials for all entrants. The winning entries are on display in Stag in the Marlowe Arcade during August and many are available for purchase:

1    Michael Hutchison, Canterbury
2    Pauline Doney, Canterbury
3    Patricia Brain, Birchington

RU    Liz Lambourne, Dover
RU    Dela Roche, Ramsgate
RU    Amy Penberthy, Canterbury
RU    Suzanne Mullins, Herne Bay
RU    Sarah Hutchison, Canterbury
RU    Kat Tweg, Wingham
RU    Steph Goodwin, Canterbury

Michael Hutchison – First Place Over 18s Category
Pauline Doney – Second Place Over 18s category
Patricia Brian – Third Place Over 18s Category
Suzanne Mullins
Steph Goodwin
Sarah Hutchison
Liz Lambourne
Kat Tweg
Dela Roche
Amy Penberthy

Under 18
1    Alba Soetaert, aged 11, Canterbury
2    Heidi Window, aged 11, Canterbury
3    Violet Crouch, aged 12, Canterbury

RU    Sofia Vanova, aged 6 Ramsgate
RU    Nika Voitova, aged 12, Ramsgate
RU    Madelyn Hailey, aged 15, Canterbury
RU    Isabella Downer, aged 6, Upstreet
RU    Boe-Willow Theoff, aged 6, Wingham
RU    Esmai Wright, aged 11 Broadstairs
RU    Keah Gough, aged 14, Canterbury
RU    Nikita Zebrowska, aged 9, Margate
RU    Niamh Graham, aged 9, Margate
RU    Bonnie Bean, aged 11, Canterbury

Alba Soetaert – First Place Under 18s Category
Heidi Window – Second Place Under 18s Category
Violet Crouch – This Place Under 18s Category
Sofia Vanova
Nikita Zebrowska
Nika Voitova
Niamh Graham
Madelyn Hailey
Keah Gough
Isabella Downer
Esmai Wright
Bonnie Bean

Boe-Willow Theoff