The Whitefriars multi-storey car park has space for up to 530 vehicles with a ‘pay-on-foot’ parking system at the end of your stay. Paystations are located by the stairs and lifts on each parking level for convenience.

Opening hours

The car park is open 24 hours a day.


The tariff is £2.30 per hour*, with a minimum charge of £2.30 weekdays and Sundays and £4.60 on Saturdays. There is an evening flat rate charge from 9pm to 7am of £2.

*Charged at 10 minute intervals after the minimum payment period.

How to pay

Payment can be made by cash, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay or Pre-Pay Account.

Drive to barrier and pay contactless

Pay at machine by cash or card

Pre-Pay Account Terms & Conditions

  • Top-up can be made by cash, credit or debit card at any pay station
  • ANPR cameras will be used to calculate payment
  • Only pre-registered vehicle registration number(s) are valid with this card
  • Only one pre-registered vehicle at a time can use the car park on any one account
  • Replacements for lost cards will be charged at £5.00 each
  • All enquiries to 01227 826769, or to the car park office
  • Tariffs and rates are subject to change
  • Usage of the card confirms acceptance of the above terms and conditions

You will need to pick up a Pre-Pay Account application form from the car park office or apply online and you will be issued with a pre-paid card.

On entry to the car park the display screen will show your current card value. If you do not have enough credit for an hour’s parking you will not be refused entry but you will need to top up your card before being able to leave. Top-ups can be made in increments of £5 up to a maximum of £100 and can be made at any pay station.

You can check your balance at any time during your visit at a pay station or on entry and exit at the barriers.

Blue Badge holders

There are a number of designated spaces for disabled drivers and Blue Badge holders within easy access to lifts. Normal tariff applies.

Family parking spaces

There are a number of family parking spaces in the car park which can be found on each level. They are indicated by a clearly marked family parking sign.

Electric car drivers

For those travelling by electric car, we have two plug-in battery points located on Level 1 of the car park next to the exit barriers. This facility is provided free of charge to Whitefriars customers.